Tips for the first time buyer on collecting your keys

So you have just purchased your new home!

FINALLY that day you have been planning and dreaming about has arrived – you are collecting the keys for your first new home.  At last, no more trailing online in a desperate bid to locate your ideal home or forfeiting your Saturday morning lie in’s for house viewings and thankfully an end in sight of all that mortgage and real estate jargon!

Buying your first house without a doubt can be an extremely exciting time and provide a wonderful sense of achievement, independence and security.  Not to put a pin in the bubble but taking ownership of your first home comes with some degree of responsibility which prior to this may have only concerned your parents or landlord.

 Here are some top tips to follow when the day does come to collect your keys:

  • Put adequate insurance cover in place including sufficient content insurance. 

  • Change all the exterior locks as you have no way of knowing who held a key before.  Be mindful of security from the outset, check out our previous blog on this very topic Beat the Burglars.

  • Check that you have sufficient smoke alarms and a carbon monoxide alarm fitted.

  • Ensure there are no unwanted visitors in your new home, pests or rodents.

  • Your new home may greatly benefit from a deep clean.

  • Ensure all essential services are working correctly and switch them to your name – taking readings etc.

  • Sort your window coverings, even a temporary solution to avoid being on full view.

  • Issue a change of address notifications to all your relevant correspondents.

  • Be mindful from the outset of energy saving, maybe switch to energy saving bulbs, check you have no water leaks and place a lagging jacket on your water tank.

  • Depending on the age of your property, there may be some Government grants available to help improve the energy efficiency of your new home, check out

"Putting your stamp on your new home is something to be enjoyed and while it may take some time remember you are building a future – Rome wasn’t built in a day!"

Clodagh Doyle