How does the process work?

Just get in touch by emailing or phoning Placelift with an brief overview of your proposed project. We will respond to you very quickly and arrange a meeting at your home. For more details please see "Our Process" on our website.

What happens at the consultation?

During our consultation, we will establish exactly what you are hoping to achieve. We will take measurements, photographs and survey the site. We will make some recommendations and give you an idea of how the entire process would work. Based on your requirements, we will prepare a formal estimate. Once you agree to this, we then issue our services contract to you.

Do you project manage the entire project from start to finish?

Yes, we managed absolutely every aspect from commencement day right through to handover day. With one point of contact throughout the entire process, we keep you fully informed. Our site manager is there overseeing all the tradespeople, specialists etc. We source all the materials and finishes (if required), bring samples to you - in order to make your life easier. You can simply get on with you life while we take care of your renovation project.

What about provision of skips and removal of waste materials from site.

We organise skip hire with our agreement and the cost of same is included in your estimate. We also ensure a clean up on site on completion of the works.

What happens about snagging?

Prior to handover day, we ensure that all areas are fully snagged and any issues are dealt with.

What is your track record?

Placelift was founded in 2013 and to date we have an extensive number of projects completed to the full satisfaction of our customers.   We hope to continue and grow our brand based on the standard of our reputation.  However, the Placelift team members have a vast range of experience in the construction industry (over 30 years) and a very positive track record in terms of their work standard an ethic.

Can we see some examples of your work/references?

Yes, of course, no problem.  You can view some of our projects on our portfolio page and some feedback from our customers on our testimonials page.  If you wish to get in touch with some of our customers, please just ask and we will be happy to arrange this (with their prior permission of course).

Who will be working in my home? Do you sub-contract any of the work?

We use our own workforce for on average of 80% of our projects.  This allows to not only be competitive but also to keep a tight control on all the services we complete. For specialist’s jobs or tasks we sub-contract to carefully chosen reputable and qualified tradespeople.  The Placelift team will always be on-site when our sub-contractors are there. For your own peace of mind and continuity we strive to have the same team working on your property throughout with the project being led and overseen by our site manager and our project manager.

Do you supply the products and materials?

We have a number of accounts with carefully chosen suppliers and are happy to source all the required products and materials.  We are equally happy for you to source your own products and materials providing you have ensured all the necessary fittings are included to avoid any unnecessary delays with the project.

Are you insured? What kind of protection do you have in place?

Yes, we are fully insured. We have Public and Employers Liability Insurance.

How do you deal with unforeseen or customer complaints?

We follow an open and honest approach and aim to resolve any problems quickly and as efficiently as possible.  Due to the nature of our industry on occasion there may be unexpected issues which need to be dealt with. We always inform our customers as it is suitable to do so about any setback and discuss the best way forward. Any complaints or queries can be directed straight to Placelift management in person or via email.

What can Placelift do for landlords abroad or Irish executors abroad?

With many Irish now living abroad, they perhaps have left a family home or an investment property behind.  While they may have a property management company taking care of tenants and rental income, what if they hope to upgrade and improve the property either between tenancies or in preparation for sale.  Or what if they are an executor for a deceased estate in Ireland while living abroad and want to get it market ready.  Placelift offers Irish landlords and executors living abroad complete peace of mind by taking care of absolutely every aspect of these projects.  We provide just one point of contact and can easily provide video coverage and photographs throughout the entire process keeping them informed and fully up to speed with the works.  To date, Placelift have acted as key holders for many properties of landlords living abroad and executors offering a first class dependable service.

What improvements will help sell or rent my property quicker?

Every property is different and presents different requirements in the preparation for sale or let. Some will require more costly work while others simply need a change in furniture layout, de-cluttering and a few cosmetic touches. Placelift will identify these issues, many of which you will have lived with for years without any thought. Well-judged improvements will raise the value of your property and maximise your profits.

What if the market is slow or house prices are falling?

Obviously, we are not in a position to control market prices, but if the market is slow or prices are falling this does not mean it is a bad time to sell. If you are moving somewhere where prices are also falling then you are just following the flow and are as equally well-off.  Where prices are falling, it is probably more important than ever to try and get the best possible price for your home – this is where we can help.

Can the cost of improving the property work out at more than the value added?

As every property is different, we believe in honestly assessing each property on a case by case basis.  Certainly at the moment, house prices are such that well-judged improvements generally add value over and above the cost of the improvements. If we feel that we cannot add value, then we will not take on the work, this is something we take seriously at Placelift.