Why is my house not selling?

How to achieve that “wow factor” when selling

We can all recall making a splurge on a big-ticket item, perhaps a car, a piece of jewellery or even some designer clothing!

If we are honest, most of us do not tend to buy on impulse.  Before proceeding to checkout, we will probably carry out a little or indeed a lot of research, doing our homework.

That irristable urge to buy

We might spend some time online viewing the actual product and be instantly drawn to its strong advertising or even to someone using or wearing this item.  We will probably imagine using or wearing this item ourselves because this is what most of us do before we fully justify and commit to parting with our hard-earned cash.

On viewing this product, if it’s a car take we might take it for a test drive and savour the aroma of that irresistible new car smell or if it’s something we can hold or try on we can really get a feel for it and yearn for even more!

Most products on the market are so cleverly packaged and branded in such a fashion as to lure us to them, creating the ultimate buyers experience and thus fertile ground for us to proceed to purchase.

Maximise your biggest asset

Let’s face it, when selling a house, we hope to achieve top euro and quickly!  Unfortunately, so many home vendors make the BIG mistake of being somewhat short-sighted when it comes to the marketing of their house.  They of course hope at the outset for a great return on their investment but in fact they do little in-between to influence this return.

Selling your home is no different to selling any other big brand item, so best think of your home as a high-end product to sell.  While it may not be feasible to spend a fortune on advertising or perch it in a luxurious gift box, do not despair – there are other measures you can and should take!

With your buyer in mind......

When selling your home, it is vital that you make an emotional connection with your prospective buyers.  In other words, you need to know your target audience and what would greatly appeal to them.  If you get this aspect right your prospect buyer should easily be able to imagine themselves living in this house, with their family and their belongings.

Nowadays, the stakes are set so much higher, prospective buyers want to be “wowed” and want to be presented with an aspirational lifestyle package.  With the surge of new show homes to market with many of them available for open viewings – this is what you must compete with.  A show house can really set the standard and impress the socks off potential buyers with many of them staged to perfection. 

Showhouse Standard

There are of a course many factors you have little or no control of when selling, however presentation is something you can take full reigns of and make sure your home packs a punch when put to market!  After living in a house for a long period, you can easily become immune to the negatives that will otherwise jump out and bite your practical understanding viewers.  Getting advice from a third-party will help you make the absolute most of what you have.

More bang for your buck

While an all-out transformation might be ideal, your budget may not stretch, so focus on the main key areas.   Depending on the overall condition of your house and bench marking this with a realistic market value will determine what needs to be spent.  This can be vary greatly, however anything from 1% - 10% of the market value may be spent with 5% being a good average.

Unlock the true potential of your home

If you are feeling a little overwhelmed with this process, calling on a third party could most certainly help.   At Placelift, we provide a "ready for sale" consultation that consists of a detailed report full of recommendations specifically for your home.  Based on this invaluable advice, you will be focused with a clear goal in mind – “injecting the wow factor into your home”.  By acting on some or all the recommendations, will help you take your house to another level - a cut above the rest!

If you are selling your home in 2017, there will be one critical question you hope you will not be asking at the end of it “Why is my house NOT SELLING?” Just keep in mind, you only get one chance to make a great first and lasting impression – so get it right first time!

For the “wow factor when selling, get in touch with Placelift on 01 2548070

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