Style your home to sell

Over the past few weeks, we had the pleasure of working with two very different properties in two south county Dublin locations.

Firstly, take a typical three bedroom semi-detached property in a housing estate in Clondalkin, Dublin 22 and then a quaint 200 year old mid-terrace two bedroom property in Booterstown, Co. Dublin.   Apart from the fact that they are both about to go to market for sale, what do you think these properties have in common?

Okay, we can be certain that price is definitely not the common ground here but without a shadow of a doubt we are certain that both property owners are very serious about achieving top euro and fast for their properties.   You could argue and say that this could be said for most people when selling!

The answer is YES of course, but the difference here is that both property owners went that extra mile to present their properties in the best possible light.  These two savvy property owners realised that by creating a show home environment it will entice buyers.  They both made the decision to style their vacant property to SELL!

Rather than placing their vacant property alongside the streams of dismal, unloved and unappealing property listings, they made a decision to give their property the competitive edge, making their property stand out from the crowd.

With the specific target market in mind for each property, we selected suitable furniture and accessories for hire providing that ultimate “wow” factor that so many prospect buyers are yearning for.

First impressions really do count when selling.  Your online photographs should instantly grab your prospect buyers attention, making them want to arrange a viewing and quickly.  Fast track to the actual viewing, a beautifully styled property will inspire potential buyers allowing them to make an emotional connection with the property.   And guess what?


House hunters shop with a logical list of criteria but they buy on emotion.  Once your prospect buyer’s makes that emotional connection, logic goes out the window, they simply love it and want to buy it!

Styling your home to sell is NOT just for high end properties and from our experience with the exception of the odd “fixer upper”, all property types can benefit from styling.  There is a great incentive to maximise the appeal of your house – it may be one of the best investments you can ever make!


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