On Trend Bathroom Renovation

Your boutique bathroom retreat

For years, the bathroom is the room we paid the least attention to.  This hard-working space for all our grooming and personal hygiene needs could easily be described as, cramped, cold and bland.

Freestanding bath. Renovated

With our hectic busy lifestyles, we are now turning to our bathrooms for the perfect escape, a warm inviting sanctuary where we want to spend time to relax and unwind.

When designing a bathroom layout is crucial.  Be sure to carefully curate a plan that suits you and your family's specific needs.  Prioritise what is most important to you and aim to be as generous as possible with space.  If feasible, consider taking a little bit of extra space from an adjoining room or simply reverse the direction of your entry door or consider pocket doors.  Never try too squeeze to much into your bathroom space.

For instant inspiration, try and recall a hotel stay where you may have savoured the pampering quality that a spacious bathroom has to offer.  Allow sufficient space between the necessary fixtures for other pieces of furniture to give it some interest. 

With design in mind, using a combination of stone, mosaic, ceramics, glass, metal will work well on a practical and functional level but will make this a more attractive space. 

Large open plan bathroom after renovation

Good quality fixtures and fittings will stand the test of time and add a sense of luxury to your new bathroom.  The same applies for your white ‘sanitary ware’ but for a more aesthetically option look at sculptured designs or consider glass or metal sinks or decorative freestanding baths.  Streamlined sanitary ware, say a WC with a short projection, an enclosed cistern or slimline basin will all help with your layout.  Wall hung contemporary wares will not only give the illusion of more space but will make cleaning and maintaining a tad easier!

Timeless bathroom elegance

Be mindful of your finishes to ensure you won't quickly tire of the overall aesthetics.  For example, with your choice of wall or floor tile focus on a timeless elegant finish.  If you do opt for a very much on-trend style with pattern, keep it restricted to a smaller area.  Large plain wall tiles with a darker version on your floor can give the impression of more space.  Remember a new bathroom can swallow a significant chunk of your hard-earned cash, so it might be a while before you can splash out again!  

Ensure your bathroom is well ventilated as excessive moisture can damage paint and cause damp and mould patches. Water flow is vital for that perfect bath or shower so if your water pressure is a little of the low side, a water pump may be the answer.

Banish the bath?

You might feel that you could easily survive without a bath and opt for a wet-room style bathroom, however you should seriously re-consider this route if you have children and remind yourself of the joys a relaxing candlelit bath can offer.

Freestanding bath with tap

Setting the tone - with light

Allow as must natural light in as possible while still maintaining sufficient privacy.  A window shutter can make an instant impact in a small bathroom space, allowing light filter but also providing essential privacy.  A combination of various types of lighting is required in your bathroom, bright task lighting: shavers light and an illuminated mirror and then a softer background lighting to create a more relaxing atmosphere.  Mirrors are great for making your bathroom appear bigger but will also help bounce light around.

Bright bathroom

Clever storage solutions

Like most rooms in your home, storage can be an ongoing struggle.  There is nothing worse than bottles of shampoos, moisturizers and makeup cluttering up your precious bathroom space.  Aim to house your toiletries out of sight within slim-line freestanding or wall hung tall boy units or custom fit cabinets.

Creating extra storage with niche or concealed areas within your stud wall are ideal if feasible.  If your bathroom is tight for space consider items that can double up performing a double duty for example, a cabinet with mirrored doors, a solid wood laundry/linen box with a comfortably inviting padded seat or a contemporary vanity unit beneath your sink.

Consider saying goodbye to wall mounted radiators and go for that added comfort by including underfloor heating.  If you if you prefer to go with a heated towel rail, this can also be used for heating.  Generous soft towels and bath mats are a must to soak up the moisture and are a vital part of bathroom comfort. 

Bathroom styled with flowers and towel

Your bathroom, your style

Your bathroom will also benefit from some carefully chosen stylish accessories.  Hang a piece of your favourite artwork on an empty wall spaces.  Introduce some warm natural wood in the form of a small stool or some wicker baskets filled with some carefully rolled hand towels. Including some lush leafy plants which will thrive in this space will help bring the outside in.  Set the mood of this inviting haven with quality scented candles and diffusers. 

Check out one of our recent Pinterest boards on our favourite stylish bathroom accessories https://www.pinterest.ie/placelift1443/bathroom-accesories/

Stylish wash hand basin with splashback

Five star quality - without the price!

Now for the best bit!  Relax and enjoy escaping the stresses and strains of everyday life in your spa-like bathroom retreat - in the comfort of your own home!

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Clodagh Doyle