Irish Interior Influencers


Searching for interiors inspiration has never been easier!

We are absolutely spoilt for choice, whether it’s good old browsing through our favourite interior’s magazines or kicking back relaxing with our favourite interior bloggers that we have so eagerly subscribed to.  Pinterest, Houzz and Instagram as we know offer a sea of interior bliss to lose ourselves in.   

Not a day goes by, where I seem to hit on an interior trend, image or idea that doesn't “spark joy” in me and for that very reason, I put it away for safekeeping either virtually or on my real home interior mood board! 

Throughout our lives whether we like to admit it or not we are influenced daily by what others do, say or wear!  Some of us depend more than others on the influence of others to help us curate our style, and with a tweak here and there, we can then make it our own, personal to us.  Whether you like to admit it or not - this is okay!   

Over the last few months as well as working on our Placelift projects, we have been finalising the finishes on our own new build.  While some might find this aspect a chore, I have to say that I am loving every second!  Hours of researching, doing my homework, sourcing samples, comparing and feeling them, then looking at them in different lights at different times of day until I am nearly blue in the face before the moment of truth – the FINAL decision made. 

So, what has helped make this process easy and enjoyable apart from the fact that I crave interiors?  One word - INSTAGRAM!

My Instagram feed churns out delectable interior images on an hourly basis whereby I dedicate a good 30 minutes (well, maybe a bit longer ERRRRR) every evening to scrutinise, imagine and get lost with like-minded interior junkies!  While the carefully curated and styled images from the powerful brands like Farrow & Ball, Vives Tiles and say for instance Devol Kitchens (to name just a few) can be breath-taking, if I am honest, I find that I am mostly drawn and influenced by INSTAGRAM “INTERIOR INFLUENCERS” and their Insta community.

So, I hear you ask who the heck are these?  Well, these are genuine, real, sane people (sometimes debatable) in their real homes, regardless of renting or not, others are in their forever home, others yearning for their forever home and some self-building.  Through their Instagram interiors feed they basically share their lives with us (their followers).  This gives us the liberty to see what we like/dislike about their style, their homes, their choices etc.  We can observe their braveness from afar or in an instant connect, chat and collaborate with these people.  We can see what specific paint colours look like in their space before we take the plunge and paint our kitchen black!  These Instagrammers are brave, as they bare their personal style, personality to strangers and are not afraid to do so!  They enlighten us with honest feedback on interior products and hacks!  The ongoing chat below their posts can often spark a debate or constructive criticism, but usually, it’s all very respectful and kind while also remaining honest and authentic for the most part.

Months back I spotted a kitchen backsplash on a UK Instagramers feed that I LOVED.  At first, I thought to myself don't get too excited as I had spotted nothing like it in my quest for tiles throughout Dublin.  Having parked this tile image (in my saved Insta posts), I revisited it recently and did a bit of research and to my joy managed to find this very tile online and placed my order.  We are about to tile our kitchen, and you know what I would never have found this very tile if it had not appeared on my interiors Instagram feed – so THANK YOU INSTAGRAM INFLUENCERS I was well and truly influenced and can’t wait to reveal our kitchen splashback.

These snap happy interiors influencers produce some of the most opulent shots of the various nooks and crannies of their homes.  We are well accustomed to multiple types of influencers, be it celebrities, makeup or fashion, but the IRISH Interior Instagram community is growing at a powerful rate (watch this space)!

We have handpicked some of our local home-grown Instagram interior influencers for you.  Don't take our word for it, hop on to their feed and make your own call - they won’t disappoint!  

Keep up the great work influencers, without a doubt you are bringing something new and exciting to the world of Irish interiors.


Influencer List:  


Gaff Interiors



Cathy Flamingo



Clodagh Doyle