Your bedroom, your style

Your boutique bedroom begins here.....

When it comes to re-decorating there is a tendency to pay attention to the high traffic areas and all too often our bedrooms are overlooked or put on the long finger.  If you think about it, we probably spend most of our time in our bedrooms, albeit when we are sleeping.  It is therefore important that we invest some time, money, and energy into this space.  With the Summer sales in full swing, now is the perfect time to focus on revamping your bedroom and snap up some statement bedroom bargains!

bright bedroom airy

Less is more

A great starting point is to remove absolutely everything from this room and take up residence in the spare room for the duration of this re-vamping process.  By concentrating on the floors and walls will provide a great platform for this project.  If your budget won’t stretch to new flooring, simply make the most of what you have!  Revive your carpet with a professional clean or if you have timber flooring - invest in a warm on-trend rug.

Your room, your style

Painting will revitalise your room giving it a new lease of life.  Begin with warm neutrals on the walls teamed with brilliant white on the ceiling and woodwork.   This is your room, so feel free to be bolder and braver with your colour choices.  Introduce a feature accent wall with a vibrant and rich tone or opt for a luxurious textured wallpaper.  Aim at placing your own personal stamp when it comes to colour, style and taste.  Cantering a favourite piece of art over your headboard will create the ideal focal point.  Don’t rule out up-cycling by painting some of your existing bedroom furniture including your wardrobes, bedside lockers, or bed.

All about the bed, the bed...

Like any decent hotel, your bed should take centre stage, carefully located facing an open doorway.  If finances allow, you should purchase the biggest and best quality you can afford when it comes to your bed base and mattress. 

Where fabric and fibre matter

bed linen bright

Place your headboard against a wall to ensure stability and security.  A glamourous upholstered headboard can immediately transform this space.  Using a duvet that is one size larger than your bed can give it that plump lavish look.  Matching bed linen and pillows are a must and if possible choose bedding made of natural cotton fibres to provide optimum comfort.  Check out   A few well-chosen cushions and a natural wool throw is a great way to introduce a splash of colour to complete this bedroom masterpiece.

Light and airy ambience

bedroom light and bright

When it comes to lighting a bedroom should be bright, fresh, and uplifting by day with various lighting options available by night.  If possible, place a decorative statement pendant directly over your bed.   Floor or table lamps are ideal with a dimmer switch providing the perfect ambience with a choice of bright lighting for reading and a calmer lighting for relaxing.  Adding some strip lighting just behind your headboard for some warmth and interest. 

While some of us prefer waking to natural light, others do not.  It is all about striking a balance when choosing your window dressings.  Using blackout blinds with curtains that filter the light might just be the answer.  Full length made-to-measure curtains are a sure way add instant style and well-chosen fabrics will add to the overall aesthetics.

Your bedroom, your retreat

Remember you are striving for a new luxe look, so don't immediately go placing everything back to its original haunt.  Strictly, only bring back what you really need or what.  Our bedrooms should be a place where we unwind from the everyday stresses and act as a retreat when we are ill. 

bright bedroom with accesories and pop of colour

Your bedroom is the room you should feel the most relaxed and comfortable in.  It should be well ventilated, airy, and calm with clutter avoided at all costs.  You can still manage to have storage; however, it is wise to have it completely closed with everything streamlined and clean.  Custom fit, floor to ceiling wardrobes painted as you choose will look fabulous.  Be mindful that you need to be able to dress your bed and deep clean this space without too much effort and obstacles.

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Some new or existing accessories and candles will add instant appeal.  Carefully chosen decorative bedside lamps, quirky framed photos and interesting treasured keepsakes can take their pride of place. 

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Your bedroom should be YOUR sanctuary, a place YOU really enjoy and want to be in.  To get highly motivated, just visualise chilling in your bath gown in your new luxe bedroom with all the delights that a boutique hotel must offer BUT without the expensive room rate!

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