Creative storage ideas for your home

A place for everything and everything in its place

Of course this phrase makes perfect sense, unless of course you and yours are not particularly organised or feel you lack the space to do so.

Storage space can be an ongoing challenge for most homes these days even on some new builds.  On visiting a new development recently, it was very disappointing to see that storage was obviously not high up on the builder’s agenda.

To avoid certain daily chaos, with our hectic pace of life, we need to be as organised as possible.  Without adequate storage, a home can easily become untidy, dysfunctional and unorganised, which can have a negative impact on those living there.

Clutter clearance - go for it!

Having too much of anything or not using your existing storage space effectively will cause problems.  Overtime as our needs evolve, we need our homes to work for us and to suit our current lifestyle requirements.  To begin with you must scale down (as much as possible) with a major de-cluttering exercise as there is little point in creating new storage space to store items you no longer want, use, or intend on using.

With fresh eyes, taking one room at a time, try to find smart storage ideas for your home that will maximise this space, adequately store what you need it to store and that will look great in the process. Taking accurate measurements of the available space and what you need to store will be vital when you consider possible solutions.

So before you plan to make that round trip to your nearest Ikea store, consider our

Creative storage tips

  • Create storage within storage, see if you can maximise the space of your existing storage for example extra shelving in your wardrobes, hot-press or within your kitchen cabinets.
  • Stacking your tumble dryer on top of your washing machine can free up your utility area.
  • A stair to your attic which is floored, will create quick inexpensive storage space and if you can custom fit some shelving – even better.
  • Some customised units to suit your specific requirements will look fantastic spray painted in the latest trending tones. 
  • Get the most out of your cabinets by going floor to ceiling.
  • Consider furniture that doubles up as storage for example a coffee table with storage underneath or a bay window seat with storage.
  • Maximising your wall space alcoves with suitable shelving – check out one such project we completed
  • Maximise under bed and over wardrobe space.
  • Consider on trend vintage suitcases stacked in a bedroom to store what you desire.
  • Maximise under stairs storage with either pull out drawer units or if space allows, walk-in storage.
  • Fitting pocket doors can free up valuable wall space which could then be used for storage.
  • Altering the direction of door openings can free up valuable space perhaps freeing up storage space.
  • Decorative door hooks will look great and apart from clothes could be used to hang your jewellery collection.

Unfortunately, the easy part of this entire process is creating “a place for everything” but the challenge lies when you try to enforce it – getting everyone in the home to keep “everything in its place.” Good luck!

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