Deciding whether to sell your house

Making that all important decision to sell your home is one not to be taken lightly.  There are many factors that you should take into careful consideration and your reasons for selling, should sit easy with you.

We regularly meet people from all walks of life whom have made that very decision.  Normally, they tend to possess a great energy and willingness to to drive things forward, get their house sold and simply move on with their lives.


Of course, there can many reasons for someone deciding whether to sell their house, be it downsizing, up-sizing, location or indeed financial reasons. 

Most will freely advise why they are selling.  One such reason we are coming across all the more often is that of parents selling up, so that the proceeds of the sale can help other family members get a foot on the property ladder.

At this time, we would like to share something with you that perhaps might be of benefit to you, a family member, friend or a colleague - when making that big decision!

The grass is always greener

Imagine packing up and selling your home only to deeply regret it!  We have witnessed first-hand those who have downsized only to realise that they had taken their old house for granted.  Others who realised that they missed their caring neighbours and all that their old community spirit had to offer.

On meeting new clients, it is always interesting to hear why they are making the big move!  Then, we love nothing more than to get stuck in and assist them in making the most of their home in preparation of their pending sale.


On two of our recent consultations, something fairly unusual occurred, which however turned out to be most rewarding to us but even more so for our two clients.

One of our lovely clients advised us that they were fed up with their home and that it just wasn’t right for them.  They were tired with their home and expressed that nothing worked for them in terms of space, storage and overall aesthetics.  Our client mentioned that she loved flicking through interior magazines and had serious home envy.  She felt that the only way to achieve her dream home was to erect the for sale sign and get house hunting. 

As we wandered through the various rooms, we could see that this house was particularly jaded and would most certainly need a large dose of tender loving care in the form of a significant revamp - prior to hitting the marketplace.  As it stood on that consultation day, potentials buyers would surely struggle to see beyond the cluttered, dreary and drab rooms within.

But guess what, neither could our client - (more on this later)!

Always look at the bigger picture

Another lovely client called on us to re-vamp and transform her property for sale.  When we arrived there was a fabulous energy about this home.  The client was really excited by the prospect of selling her three-bedroom semi-detached home and downsizing to an apartment.

She spoke of looking forward to a fresh start, having a more compact and manageable place to call home.  With great gusto, she had already begun the daunting de-cluttering process - albeit she still had a long way to go!  The estate agent she had already introduced to her property had arranged for a gardener to come work his magic on her garden and patio area. 

The sales process had well and truly commenced.  Our client was really tuned into the benefits of preparing her home for the market so that she could maximise her return.  Our brief was to make all the recommendations of what would bring this home up to really high standard, to oversee these recommendations and then to make the absolute most of it with home staging and styling.

Following our in-depth room by room, inside and out survey, we sat down with our client and went through our findings. She was particular excited by all our suggested changes and ideas which fuelled her even more to get moving with the sale.

So what could these two clients living either side of the river Liffey possibly have in common, other than the fact that they were both in the process of selling their home and both making every effort to increase the appeal of their homes?   

Would you believe, following our consultations BOTH of these client’s decided NOT TO SELL their homes!



Reality bites - just in the nick of time!

Following our first client’s consultation, our client realised from our feedback and ideas that all the problems and issues she had with her home could actually be rectified.  It dawned on her that with some professional help she could achieve the home she yearned for.  All that was required was someone to help her visualise the recommended renovations and then allow the experts make them happen! 

She acknowledged that she was in fact selling for all the wrong reasons.  She loved the area, her neighbour's, her garden and even the size of her home but pretty much rejected how everything functioned and looked within and basically felt trapped in a home - that didn’t float her boat! This client expressed a great feeling of relief in making this decision on time.

A few days after our other client's consultation, our client got in touch to announce that following our consultation with all our plans to re-imagine her home for sale, she realised that if all these recommendations were completed that this would be a home she could really fall in LOVE with again.  She also mentioned that when she saw the beautifully landscaped gardens, she admitted that she would well and truly regret leaving these behind for apartment living. 

Placing your stamp on your home (again).

These clients were so grateful to us for helping them see that they were making a BIG mistake in selling their homes – before it was too late!  We got great satisfaction knowing that we played an important role in their decisions.  It was lovely to see these client's get exicited about their plans for their own homes and the hidden potential within.

So there you go, two people who very nearly SOLD their homes for all the WRONG reasons.

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